Khittah CRM – A Solution for Real Estate in Pakistan

In the real estate sector, Customer Relationship Management is the center in arranging, streamlining and offering. A hearty land CRM programming will help specialists, operators, and so forth., to work in a more natural and effective way. It oversees workload, contacts, customer communication, gauge deals and different other basic procedures.

How Khittah is Best Real Estate Management System in Pakistan is Pakistan’s leading classifieds website and best real estate software in Pakistan for users in all the major cities in Pakistan. Since its launch in 2018 by X Effect Studio, has become one of the most popular platforms for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community. A community where unused and/or underused items are redistributed to fill a new need and become wanted again, where non-tangible assets such as services, space and skills are traded in new ways that don’t always require centralized institutions or “agents”.
All the quintessential information, for example, property subtle elements, customer data, exchange information, and correspondence reports are only a couple of snaps away with Khittah land programming. Spare time, cash and your assets to a great extent with our intuitive CRM software for real estate.
Also, for a lot of land specialists and firms, monitoring merchants/purchasers and dealing with their leads is the spine to getting by in this forceful industry. In this way, ideal from a bound together database for all the client related data involving basic documentation and adjustable reports, Khittah CRM land programming conveys extraordinary permeability and capacity to enhance the whole offering and purchasing process for organizations in the realty business.


• Manage Campaigns: Manage all your marketing campaigns, well-collaborated with both your sales and marketing teams

• Manage prospects: From first the contact until the end of the service, manage your prospects proficiently while timely follow-ups.

• Automation: Khittah CRM can automate all your minimal tasks

• Enhance Sales performance: keep a track of your sales performance through a detailed and precise sales pipeline

• Integration: Grow beyond the limitations by integrating your tools and applications on a single platform

• Mobility: Manage your customers on the go, on any device.

Khittah CRM for real estate management can ease up the sales and marketing processes while enhancing the overall performance, as well as assist brokers in providing the best of their services

Product and order are main entity of this app which shows the progress of this system. Any user can manage their products and orders by simply using its user friendly interface. Then product and order reports will be available to check the records later on date and period wise.

This system access controls allow you to change and add features on the fly. It’s all available from the System Setup menus. Top security PCS allows you to specify users and menu access. Most importantly you can control how your users access the system. You can allow user access from the office, or a specific location, or from home if required.

This module starts managing your booking as soon as your customer makes inquiries on your website from their mobile or desktop or directly at your stand. With a simple and elegant workflow, quotes and booking requests become available to you. Customers and owners of the property will know exactly what the status is at any point in time. In this module, we are going to do booking entry, booking update, and booking delete and booking search.

In real estate, lead generation is the initiation of customer interest or inquiry into properties or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. A user can do lead generation entry, lead generation update, lead generation delete and lead generation search by this module.

One of the most important aspects of property management is human resources. Managing relationships with all kinds of people, from contractors to tenants, is just as important as managing buildings. This module consisting of different sub-module.

This module helps the agency to analyze and optimize their overall Total Cost of Occupancy for Real Estate. It provides a real estate-specific sub-ledger and other financial and accounting tools that allow the agency to evaluate their real estate spend while practicing sound accounting principles. This module is the best connection to accounting, finance and other business units to provide detailed data on the daily operations and strategic performance of any real estate portfolio, property by property.

Successful marketing for real estate investing implies implementing strategic and innovative real estate marketing ideas to gain an advantage over the competition, generate leads, and make it much easier to convert those leads into prospects (buyers or sellers.) As a dealer, you have to know how to position your property on the map and develop exceptional extras and niches within the market that can make you a competitive dealer in your geographic area. No matter how good you are at selling real estate, you will only be successful if you can market effectively, too.