EIMS CRM – A Solution for School Mangement in Pakistan

EIMS software by X Effect Studio is easy-to-use, cleverly built and complete. We understand better than most, that every educational institute is unique. By using EIMS, your educational institution can cut cost, save time, and increase productivity in a big way. We understand how painstaking it is to manage huge volumes of paper and data; and we have made sure that we simplify that entire process for you.
EIMS is a clever response to the laborious administrative processes involved in managing schools and colleges. It is an intelligently built Educational Institute Management System that caters to your every need.

How Eims is Best School Management System in Pakistan

EIMS provides end-to-end features that enable easy management of students, classroom- booking, parent communication management and finance management functions for colleges and schools. It is a completely online school portal with transport management, library management, hostel management, document management as well as complete academics management for the educational institute’s activities.

This module helps in managing classes and their sections. These are then used in assignment of teachers and students, load balancing, timetables and all concerned academics activities.

Using EIMS It is extremely quick and easy to enter all subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers and their contracts in the timetables. It also enables creating all specific divisions of classes into groups. It is possible to unite more classes into one lesson or to have more teachers for one lesson.

This module enables teachers to do the following activities by logging into their section.
• They can see classes whom they will teach.
• They can see class routines.
• They can mark class attendance and also see attendance history.
• They can check student history.
• They can enter and set the marks and results of different students.

EIMS provides schools with an easy and quick way to keep track of their increasing enrollment numbers. When you choose EIMS you can significantly reduce the amount of resources, costs and time needed for administrative tasks and effectively manage all of your currently enrolled students. Manual based processes is replaced with a robust digital interface that is easy to use and gives you the insights needed to make any necessary improvement to maximize your overall efficiency.
It also helps you improve your response times on pending inquiries as well as ensure that professional, thorough and prompt attention is provided to every single prospect. This way not even one inquiry will slip through the cracks on account of negligence. If you are searching for the best student management system, your expectations will not only be met but be exceeded by EIMS by enabling you to focus on the most important things for your organization.

EIMS is among the finest school management software programs that is currently available. It helps you with managing your fee collection process through a paperless bookkeeping system. Your manual workload is eliminated by using this module that has been designed to be very easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you have no prior knowledge or accounts or are very experienced, the system allows you to easily generate fee dues, receive payments, create fee heads and make changes to your fee structures with very little effort on your part.
EIMS has been designed so that it can handle numerous kinds of school fee situations. It helps you develop custom rules for your fees or come up with new ones that are based on your specific needs. It is even possible to automatically assign a fee structure to every student based on what their class fee structure is. This all just takes a couple clicks of your mouse. Also, any receipt or fee form can be printed within minutes with the help of EIMS.

EIMS comes with the best attendance management features, all you have to do is to setup a bio-metric machine at the gate of school and relax, EIMS is fully integrated with bio-metric machines and attendance for students and staff can be fetched from bio-metric machine.
Although it is a necessary task, entering attendance records manually into your computer software for every student can be very time consuming and tedious. However, when you choose EIMS, you can achieve the same thing in just a fraction of the time.
EIMS provides several attendance management reports that can be used for providing you all of the attendance reports and records or either an entire class or single student, depending on what your preference is. Our EIMS Attendance Management generates these reports and provides you with attendance history for every student that is unlimited. This allows you to easily and quickly access important information when you need it.

EIMS provides you with a fair and accurate appraisal and evaluation system for student to make the examination process much easier and faster. EIMS provides School Examination module that offers you an automated method for developing exams and evaluating your students’ exam results.

This Module allows it’s users to add and manage Hostel Buildings, Rooms, Allocate Rooms and necessary items, Health Record and effectively manage the Residential students.

Library Management Module in EIMS is a centralized management system for your Library; it helps you with Managing Books Details, Returns, Issues, Books Availability, Books to Students and Staffs, Stock, Fines, and reports.

Effective communication is critical for any school management software to keep everyone connected. Keep parents informed about their child’s performance or alert parents, students and staff about important information. You can use our SMS software to send student performance reports to parents directly or reminders for fees that need to be paid.
EIMS provides you with all of the necessary tools for running your school as effectively and efficiently as possible. With EIMS SMS Feature you can easily and quickly send SMS alerts and messages out to help eliminate the communications gap separating administration, students, parents, and teachers. It automatically provides administrators, students, teachers and parents with all of the information that they need on their phones through using the SMS link.

With this module routes can be created and students can be assigned to routes. Fees can be setup and collected. Reports can be generated in different formats to see the route of any student or the number of students in a route.

This is Human Resource Management Module which helps you to maintain all your human resource Activities like Vacancy Postings, Enquiries Management, Interviews, Candidate Selections, and Offer Letters, Terminations.

The Accounting Module in EIMS helps you and your accountant to manage the accounts more effectively. This module includes Accounts groups. Ledgers, Voucher management, Balance sheets, Summary’s etc

The Accounting Module in EIMS helps you and your accountant to manage the accounts more effectively. This module includes Accounts groups. Ledgers, Voucher management, Balance sheets, Summary’s etc
Accounting Reports:
• Account Management
• Summary Monthly Term Payment
• Total Outstanding Fee
• Monthly Term Outstanding Payment for sending sms email
• Other Fees Outstanding Payment for sending sms email
• Section Wise Payment Received
• Payment Received Report
• Fees Certificate
• Income Expense Statement
• Income Ledger
Expense Reports:
• Category Wise Expense Report
• Date Wise Expense Report
• Expense Ledger
• Month Wise Category Expense Summary Report
Transport Reports:
• Route wise Student List
Attendance Report:
• Date Wise attendance Timing
• Student attendance summary Report
• Student Attendance timing
• Date wise attendance Report
• Student attendance report detail
• Monthly attendance report
Library Reports:
• Library Books Detail
• Library Books Status
• Library issued and returned Book
• Library Fine Detail
Hostel Reports:
• Hostel Room Discontinuation
• Vacancies
• Room Allocation details.
• Hostel Fee Detail
Examination Report:
• Test Report List
• Test Result Rank wise
• Test Result
• Max and min marks obtained by student