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Top 3 tools for card sorting

Creating a positive user experience should be one of the main concerns while developing an app or a website. Without proper information architecture, the user will soon get lost and leave the page annoyed or disappointed. This is exactly the opposite of the wished benchmark!…


Let’s be honest… Most of us are prejudiced. Just like we judge a book by its cover, we judge a business by its website. Quick example: During the last mayoral elections in Edmonton, last October, over a dozen candidates wanted to become the next mayor….

Outsourcing Bad Idea Early Stage Startups

Previously the prerogative of big companies, outsourcing has now made its way to early-stage startups. A lot of startups decide to outsource product development to nearshore or offshore IT partners. But while there are successful examples of startups that have been acquired after contracting with…

Contrary to Popular Belief, Development is Not Magic

The quicker you learn this, the better your product will be—for you shall be a better client. I just read an interesting piece about the pseudo-reality, made-for-YouTube series: Game_Jam and its highly-charged nose dive. Rosen’s recount of the transpired events captures a striking picture of a potentially magnificent project, skewed to perversion by the wants…

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