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                Stock abbreviation:鼎安交通

                Stock code:870876

                About us

                • Ding An micro prism reflective film production base, Ding An reflective vest production base set up

                • Ding an traffic is successful landing new three board, stock abbreviation: Ding an traffic, stock code: 870876

                • Guangzhou Ding An Traffic Technology Co., Ltd. officially renamed "Guangzhou Ding an traffic Polytron Technologies Inc"

                • Ding to the Ministry of public security "in the eighth session of the international Chinese Road Traffic Safety Products Expo" reception work, and get the China Road Traffic Safety Association's approval and praise

                • Guangdong province famous brand products, Guangdong province high and new technology products and many other honors

                • Taihe car service park

                • Won the "Guangzhou famous trademark" issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce

                • Ding An landed in Southern China OTC board

                • Establishing a cooperative relationship with UTSCH in Germany

                • The founding of the Ding An Party branch

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