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                Stock abbreviation:鼎安交通

                Stock code:870876


                People's Daily commentary on "winning the bid at low price" to combat the whole manufacturing industry

                Release date:2017-11-15Number of visits:

                The product is the foundation of the enterprise, and also is the foundation of economic activity, only one piece of product quality, make the enterprise with the goal of quality, economic development will be more quality.
                "In bidding, low price can win the bid, cause everyone is no better than quality, only lower than the price." In recent years, when the law enforcement inspection of product quality law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress was carried out recently, some owners complained that, at present, the phenomenon of "winning the bid at a low price" in some places in bidding has become a serious obstacle for enterprises to improve the quality of products, so it is urgent to govern and standardize it.
                In general, according to the law of the market, the bid price or the price in the bid shall not be lower than the cost price. However, in reality, some tendering units ignore the quality requirements in the bidding link, and price theory, resulting in lower price than even far below the cost price. Those companies that win the bid at below cost can only compress the cost in raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, and make up for the loss by sacrificing the quality of products, resulting in the phenomenon of "bad money drives out good money". In law enforcement inspection, a cable company that once won the "government quality award" is right: "no profit margins for production companies", and forced to cut corners and break the bottom line. In fact, it is not rare that the quality of the product is not passed, and even a case of safety accidents is caused by the winning of low price.
                The phenomenon of "winning the bid at a low price" is related to the fact that the implementation of laws and regulations is not strict, and the regulatory mechanism is not perfect. When a lot of companies make a lot of profits every year to develop, innovate and improve the quality of products, individual businesses can compete with others on the basis of Jerry building and fake imitation, and even compete successfully. In the long run, no business is willing to spend its energy on R & D and innovation. This not only seriously disrupted the order of market operation, but also a blow to the whole manufacturing industry. The solution is to further improve the natural environment of the market, let the enterprise take the product quality to speak, let the hard life of the product, known to stand firm, so as to lay the foundation of manufacturing power quality.
                The consolation is that, in today's Chinese market, the space is increasingly cramped by cutting off material and even counterfeiting and shoddy. On the one hand, at present, with the supervision of the whole process from the pre -, the middle to the post, the bidding and bidding activities are gradually standardized, and the possibility of pursuing the gray interests is greatly reduced through winning the bid at a low price.
                On the contrary, some enterprises with low price in the bid often cause the delay due to the low profit, and the quality can not be guaranteed, which makes the bidding party pay a higher price. In the field of engineering, this phenomenon is called "starving to death, dying of oneself, and killing the owner of the pit". On the other hand, with the overall transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the survival of the enterprises that are not willing to invest in the product quality will become more difficult. We should follow and grasp it is conducive to improve the quality of the products of the trend, make the current law more maneuverable, maintenance of the survival of the fittest market rules, so that law-abiding enterprises all the way to the green, illegal enterprises everywhere blocked, allow enterprises to take the initiative to responsible for the product, the consumer is responsible for social responsibility.
                Quality is the foundation of the enterprise. The product quality law of our country also stipulates that the enterprise should bear the main responsibility of the quality of the product. In the final analysis, the promotion of product quality depends on the enterprise itself. Only one product has quality, and every enterprise has the goal of quality, so the economic development is more quality. At present, the Chinese market is upgrading consumption, and the industrial structure is changing. High-end manufacturing, modern service industry and other fields will become the hot spot of industrial investment. These areas will become more intense competition for quality and brand requirements will be higher, only adhere to the quality, the quality problems rise to values and modern enterprise concept level to understand, we can catch up from behind, establish their own advantages in international competition. (from "people's Daily" Wang Bixue)
                Guangzhou Dingan traffic Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: Ding'an traffic) was founded in 2000, 2017 on the National SME share transfer system (securities referred to: Ding'an traffic, stock code: 870876), is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of road traffic safety products R & D, production, operating as one of the seventeen years of development, "tripod" has become the domestic traffic safety industry.
                Ding'an traffic since its inception, attaches great importance to trademark and patent, brand management, now has national invention and utility model patent number 20, for 9 consecutive years was named "national high-tech enterprise", and has won the famous trademark, Guangzhou City, Guangdong province famous brand, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province high-tech the title of products.
                Ding An transportation insists on independent research and development of specialized development, advanced precision manufacturing equipment and exquisite technology to make every product and every manufacturing process perfect. Ding An transportation is involved in the formulation and revision of many domestic standards, and has professional R & D personnel, relying on high-tech research and development to meet the market demand of traffic safety products. The factory has the world's most advanced license plate production line, and through the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.
                There are three main types of traffic main products:
                Reflective materials: motor vehicle warning triangle and vehicle for rubbing paper, body reflective logo, vehicle tail sign board, reflector type body special reflective logo and high brightness reflective vests, the identity of the school bus, driving practice special signs, warning signs of dangerous chemical vehicles;
                The enterprise always takes the brand as the leader, takes the high and new technology as the support, with the property right as the link, in order to build the first good company in the traffic safety field as the strategic goal. In order to further promote ding 'an brand strategy and enhance brand awareness and reputation in the country, enterprises gradually expand brand publicity and promotion efforts, so that the marketing network will cover all provinces across the country, and strive to create well-known trademarks in China.

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