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                Stock abbreviation:鼎安交通

                Stock code:870876


                1. Position name
                2. Working place
                3. Number of recruits
                4. Closing date
                • Secretary of the new board board
                • Guangzhou
                • 1
                • 2018-04-30

                Post duties:

                1. bachelor degree in finance, law, economics and management (Full-time) or above
                2. has the financial background, is familiar with the capital market operation;
                3. have the experience of planning and planning for the enterprises to be listed.
                4. have strong public relations and coordination ability, the copywriting is excellent.
                5. have independent thought and sharp judgment, and have the ability of financial innovation.

                Tenure requirements:

                1. the company is responsible for the preparation of the listed companies, and the communication and coordination with brokers, law firms, accounting firms and other intermediaries, and promote the process of listing.
                2. is responsible for the preparation of the meeting of the board of directors and the meeting of the shareholders, and is responsible for the records of the meeting and the safekeeping of the documents.
                3. responsible for communication and liaison between the company and the exchange and other securities regulators;
                4. in accordance with the requirements of the board of directors, it is responsible for dealing with the daily information disclosure of the company.
                5. actively deal with the relationship between investors and enhance the company's financing capacity.
                6. the articles of association of the company and other duties required by the exchange;

                development direction:

                15K-20K/ month probation period 2-3 months, performance bonus + five social insurance and one housing fund + equity incentive + bonus + welfare tourism staff
                Note: this position belongs to the executive of the company, please deliver it carefully.

                Contact: Mr. Li telephone: 020-86269596
                Send your resume to email address:
                Address: No. 34, 1033 South Street, Mingzhu street, No. 1033 South Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou

                • Sales Representative
                • Guangzhou
                • A number of people
                • 2018-01-31

                Post duties:

                1. responsible for the maintenance and development of the market customers.
                2. responsible for the tracking and implementation of personal sales plan;
                3. assist the company to carry out related sales management.

                Tenure requirements:
                1. diploma or above;
                2. have plenty of energy and strong enterprising spirit.
                3. has the passion, the character is tenacious, is willing to engage in the sales work;
                4. welcome the outstanding graduates to deliver.

                development direction:

                1, basic salary + high commission + performance salary + travel allowance + five social insurance and one housing fund + holiday benefits
                2, broad prospects for development, direction of development: Business Manager - Business Manager - Business Manager - Large Area Manager - Marketing Director
                (how big a heart is and how big a dream is)

                Contact: Mr. Li telephone: 020-86269596
                Send your resume to email address:
                Address: No. 34, 1033 South Street, Mingzhu street, No. 1033 South Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou

                • Salesman
                • Guangzhou
                • 1
                • 2017-11-15

                Post duties:
                1. responsible for the company product sales market research and personal sales planning, tracking and implementing the work;
                2. in charge of selling goods and reducing the rate of arrears;
                3. the drawing up, negotiation and implementation of the sales contract of the product;
                4. is responsible for the consolidation and management of the existing market and the pioneering work of the new market;
                5. visit customers to do the coordination of after-sale service and customer complaints.
                6. establish a good customer relationship, follow up and maintain the long-term customers, and do a good job of collecting and arranging the information of the market and customers.
                7. to spread the company's product knowledge, to improve the reputation of the enterprise, and to cooperate with the team and share the experience.
                8. strengthen the learning of business and other related knowledge and improve their own quality.
                9. complete the other work done by the superior.

                Tenure requirements:
                1. bachelor degree or above in marketing, business administration or related major (full-time university);
                2. have strong communication, organizational coordination and management ability.
                3. have full energy and strong enterprising spirit; active thinking, with its own unique views;
                3. has the passion, the character is tough, is willing to work from the sale;
                4. above 170CM, good image, Cantonese;
                5. more than one year of relevant work experience;
                6. outstanding graduates are also considered.
                7. resumes please take a photo (otherwise, not to see)

                development direction:

                Marketing Manager -- Marketing Manager -- Marketing Manager -- Marketing Director
                Contact: Mr. Li telephone: 020-86269596
                Send your resume to email address:
                Address: No. 34, 1033 South Street, Mingzhu street, No. 1033 South Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou

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