Mobile App Development

The mobile application development has become one of the most trending medium of software creation with the massive popularity of tablets and smartphones. We at X Effect Studio are aware of the fact that business requirements are changing day by day which has generated the need for the development of customized mobile app to meet the particular requirements of the business through increasing efficiency, functionality and value addition. Our team is experienced in mobile app development and works by closely engaging the client throughout the process which enables them to know the purpose and objective of your business and then proposing the cost-effective solution to get the best out of ongoing work. X Effect Studio go through full cycle of software development to ensure best outcome in the end.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps fall in the middle of native and web mobile app and possess properties of both of them. Creating hybrid mobile apps ensures greater speed of web development with the customized user experience that results from development of native mobile app. Hybrid apps are developed through CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript web standards and are run inside a container which makes the installation quite similar to a native app. Once it is created, hybrid mobile app can be published in the Google, Apple and Windows App Stores. Most common benefits of using this app include reduced development cost, improved UI/UX, ease of integration, offline support and simplified maintenance.

Native Mobile Apps

A native mobile app is smartphone contained application which is coded in a particular programing language like Objective C for operating system of iOS and Java for operating system of Android. Native mobile apps ensure speedy performance and possess high degree of reliability. Moreover, it provides users with the facility to use some apps without having an internet connection. They can reach out to other devices in phone such as its address book and camera. However, the development of this app is costly as it is fixed to one type of operating system, compelling the app creating company to develop duplicate versions that are able to operate on other platforms.

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