Web Development

Web development has altered greatly over the years but one basic thing is the same: it is about creation of different applications which can run in a web browser. The canvas of web development is extremely broad which range from creating single webpage from HTML and CSS that may comprise of hundred lines of code to building website containing million lines of code. The basic technologies use for web development are the same: JavaScript, HTML and CSS and a large amount of creativity. X Effect Studio is competent web development company in Lahore which is capable of creating dynamic web applications.

Minimum Viable Product

Our developers offer you minimum viable product service which involves creating a simplified version of your product which enables you to have maximum validated knowledge about your customers by incorporating least effort. It outlines the core features of your product which minimizes rework while engaging your customers. We develop MVP which is quite different from others as it is fulfilling the market needs of your product. The MVP enables you to get right feedback from the initial user of your product before releasing your final product in the market. Building minimum viable product will save you money and time. Additionally it will guide you in making your final product much better by giving you knowledge about the strengths or weaknesses of your product from your prospective buyers or customers.

Software Product Reengineering

If you have software product which is not able to meet the current changing demands of your business, the best approach is to contact our team for re-engineering of your app rather than making a new one from the scratch. The re-engineering of outdated software proves to be cost-effective and efficient. Our developers help you in the re-engineering of your software to meet demands of your new business goals and to address modification in your workforce. X Effect studio’s re-engineering team will initially assess your software that is needed to migrate. After being equipped with all the information you have provided, a research would be conducted about your preferred platform which your application is supporting. We ensure the optimization of the product so it is appropriately tune for your system and finally we offer you documentation of your re-engineered product.

Software Product Enhancements

Enhancement of any software product involves altering or upgrading that enhance the software or hardware potentials beyond the original specifications of the client. Our talented team will guide you in unlocking the hidden capabilities of your product by extracting the best out of it. If your product is unable to drive users in its current state and it is unable to provide you with the desired results then it is the time to contact us for dynamic enhancement of your software product which will definitely boost your revenues. We integrate into your product the customized functionalities which will help you to meet the needs of the market.

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